Спектакль "Ladies' Night"
Ladies' Night, a play by the New Zealand writers Stephen Sinclair and Anthony McCarten about a group of unemployed workers who develop a male strip show. It was first performed in December 1987 at Auckland's Mercury Theatre and has been described as the most commercially successful play in New Zealand's theatre history. It had several national tours followed by tours in the UK between 1990 and 1994 and has been translated into six languages. In 2001 it received the Molière Award for Best Comedy.

In 1998, McCarten launched a multi-million pound lawsuit in California, USA against the producers of the 1997 film The Full Monty which has a strikingly similar theme and was the highest grossing British film. It was dismissed because the film had been made in England. Their attorney was quoted as saying "I've been doing this for 40 years, and this is as solid a copyright case as I've ever seen."

Production Team
Writers: Stephen Sinclair, Anthony McCarten, Jacques Collard.
Translation: Irina Prohorova (France)
Producers: Luydmila Nechaeva, Igor Snyatovskiy (Odessa)
Stage director: Juriy Odinokiy (Kiev)
Choreographer: Pavel Ivlushkin (Moscow)

Actors names on right:
Greg - Yakov Kucherevskiy
Wesley - Aleksandr Suvorov
Norman - Evgeniy Uchnovets
Barry - Sergey Derevyanko
Kevin - Timofey Krinickiy
Grehem - Valeriy Shvets
Berny - Stanislav Kovalevskiy
Glenda - Julia Scarga

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Уважаемые зрители!

Напоминаем, что детям, не достигшим 16 летнего возраста, спектакль смотреть не рекомендуется. В спектакле используется ненормативная лексика.