Hermina, or a little bird has eaten all the carrots
The premiere took place in Kiev on November 27-28, in Kyiv Operetta Theatre.
The premiere took place in Odessa on October 16-17 in the Theatre of Musical Comedy.

The author is Claude Mane, who has written many plays which are played with great success not only in France. Translation from French was carried out by Irina Prokhorov with whom the producers «Pale-ART Production» have already worked on the project «Ladies' night».

The Genre of a play is a romantic comedy-detective provision, in which, according to the law of genre, the more characters appear, the more confusing becomes intrigue and comic situations which are created by this intrigue
One of the main characters of the play is Brad Alfred, the French writer, mediocre, the owner of a very funny and unusual appearance, which is the subject of ridicules and offensive epithets from others.
The desire to be beautiful becomes a cherished dream, because he is married to a charming woman, Hermina.
What you will not make for the sake of the WOMAN
The Plastic operation as an attempt to change destiny leads to unpredictable consequences. Disappearing from the curious eyes, bandaged Alfred hides in own case, without even suspecting that he should spend there much more time, than he initially reckoned on.
And when he nevertheless manages to get out there from, he finds out that he is the CORPSE, and becomes the involuntary participant of the detective story which is dashing twirled by his wife, own funeral, false documents, an assumed name and antecedents sins...
The Actors of Kiev and Odessa are involved in statement, some of them already worked in the previous theatrical projects of the producer company "Pale- Art Production" - "Run for your wife" and "Ladies ` NIGHT".

Producers: Lyudmila Nechaeva and Igor Snjatovsky (Odessa)
The author - Claude Mane (France)
Translation - Irina Prokhorov (France)
Statement – Yury Kritenko (Kiev)
Scenography and suits - Andrey Klimov (Moscow)
The choreographer-director – Pavel Ivljushkin (Odessa)

In roles:
To Ermina Brad - Olga Petrovsky
To Alfred Brad - Jacob Kucherevsky
Louis Belmar - Dmitry Lalenkov / Evgenie Juhnovets
Fransuaza - Tala Roll
Gaston Martin - Alexander Bondarenko / Boris Barsky
The agent of the secret organization, МВ 427 - Cyril Bin / Pavel Ivljushkin
Jean Batist from Bezansona - Bogdan Parshakov
The commissioner of criminal police, Mse Martin - Valery Shvets
The policeman, Andre Dezire - Denis Faljuta