The Concert Agency "Palace of ART"is a full service entertainment group ...

Dedicated to making your next private or corporate engagement an unforgettable experience. Our specialty is in talent acquisition and event production. We take great pride in our ability to deliver any of the popular talent for your next engagement (musicians, comedians, speakers, celebrities, etc.). Through our experience, relationships and buying power we are able to secure talent at the best price points for our clients.

We can organize for You any festive event, on a turn-key basis, with assistance of celebrities of any format. We are ready to work out and offer an advertising campaign with the use of a wide range of promotional resources.

1. The advertise on the receipts for repayment of public services (Hertz and water utility) is the most widely read advertising, which is a payment instrument and has a high degree of confidence. It reaches about 90% of the population of the city!

2. The outdoor advertising, which is located on the busiest stretches of road / street (Billboards, Prizmboards, Citylights, firewall, Backlights, scrolls, posting posters).

3. Advertise on concert stages during performances / concerts featuring the stars of theater and performing arts, during the presentation. Promoting your product / brand / trademark - distributed directly into the hands of the consumer.
The Advantages of this kind of advertizing:
- 100 % hit in the necessary target audience (for each event there is the target audience).
- Association of your brand / production with the positive emotions received during the representation (polygraphy distribution; possibility of carrying out of tasting / presentations).

4. Advertizing in mass-media (TV, radio, printing editions, the Internet). If you have other offers or wishes if you want to cooperate with us not only in Odessa, and, for example, in Kiev or other cities of Ukraine if you wish to become the sponsor of the big concert round, or you simply want to communicate - call andwrite to us:

Phone for inquiries (048) 777-17-17 Odessa. (044)257-89-56 Kiev.

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